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RB.jpg I was raised as a Baptist with a family of Pastors in the Church, and found my way to The Row, The Church Without Walls in 2012, at the invitation of a Church member. My initial focus was on the food provided after the service, but then last year, the Word started to come to life and I saw the spiritual war around me which included  sadness and depression on Skid Row. I witnessed the battle first hand along with the positive changes that have occurred from the presence of the Row Church on the corners of Winston and Wall Street. When I first attended, I was a drunk and smoked cigarettes heavily.




Attending the Church has opened my eyes to God. Through His Word, I feel that I have matured in my realization that this earthly world is short, but the blissful life that can come after by accepting Christ into my life is everlasting and worthy of focus and praise. The Row is brought to life from the love that pours out of it. It is that love that keeps people coming back. Although I still battle alcohol, I am now in control and remaining sober. I have a job which I get up for at an insanely early hour to go to on a regular basis, and I have goals for a brighter future. I am no longer brain dead... but alive in the Holy Spirit!!

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