"When you leave here, you're gonna know
    you're loved!" - Pastor Cue Jn-Marie


    "The harvest is plentiful but the
    workers are few." - Matthew 9:37


    Celebrating 12 Years of Ministry
    Help Us Help the Homeless.

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"The Street Church" or "The Church Without Walls", is what many have come to call us.  THE ROW-LA is a church, quite literally, without walls.  We have no building.  For us, this is a constant reminder that a building does not make God's church - people do.  We meet worship, praise, feed, and fellowship every Friday night in downtown Los Angeles, on the streets of Skid Row - America's homeless capital.

Our goal for the last 13 years has been to serve those in need; feeding people both spiritually & physically.  If you're interested in hearing the Word of God, receiving a hot meal, or you're just curious to see how God is moving where you may have least expected it, THE ROW readily welcomes everyone!

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    New & Improved Website

    THE ROW CHURCH Website Hope You are inspired by the Experience! While developing and maintaining a website is never a job one can really finish, we are excited to share our mostly functional site with all of our friends, family, supporters, and anyone who may have just accidentally stumbled onto our site.  WELCOME! There are several new features to our site so come on in!  
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    Bible Study

    Wednesday Night Bible Study! Wednesday Night Bible Study is on Hiatus and will return soon, stay tuned, thank you for your patience!
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