Voice of the People-Melanie

Melanie I came to my first Bible Study for the Row Church in late January 2014. My reason for coming  was  to check out the pastor to see if he was the man of God I heard he was. I was  impressed  with  his understanding and realness. There are so many ministers that like to make themselves seem untouchable and holy. Like they have never made a mistake and that when you meet them it is a privilege to talk to them. Pastor Cue was different; he is able to handle being corrected when it is  proven he is mistaken. He doesn’t take offense at it and instead encourages us to study the Word ourselves. As I started coming to The Row, I really enjoyed the whole experience. When it came to the sermons, I found Pastor Cue to be animated and dramatic at times, but it did not take away from the Word and instead enhanced it.  



He teaches from the scriptures and then relates it to current situations. It is amazing how the things that will go on during service almost always relates to the sermon going on at that time. Getting a chance to serve those who are  homeless what they need (whether food, prayer, clothes, a friendly gesture) is heart-warming and makes me feel closer to God. The fellowship with those who come out has developed many friendships. After two years of attendance, I am in love with The Row LA – The Church Without Walls. I am fed the Word, loved on by the members and attendees, and most of all, I am used in the capacity that God allows me to be used. I am currently the secretary and a praise team member, and look forward to continuing in serving in some capacity with the ministry for years to come.  I believe that God led me to The Row because its vision parallels with the vision that God gave me for helping the homeless. I intend to help our visions to come to pass as God’s will allows.

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