The Row 10- A Day of Love and Hope!
















The Row 10 Year Anniversary was a  power-filled day! Arriving at the corner of  5th and San Pedro, I found our church  family setting up for the day’s events. As  I looked a  around, I noticed something  right  away...  many of the people who  live in Skid Row, whose faces are often  riddled with sadness and despair, were  smiling! On August 13, 2016 on a hot  and sunny summer afternoon-hope was  tangible in Skid Row.    

As the day went on  and those who came to  serve set  up the food tables, clothing tables,  booths and  tents,  the excitement of the “mic check” came booming  from  the stage. The day went by, and hundreds of people came  to celebrate.  Many were able to receive  clothing and have a  bite to eat. Some stopped  for  prayer or even just some  thoughtful conversation at  the prayer  booth. Many others  danced and  worshiped in the streets, enjoying the  live  musical  performances of several local artists and poets.  There  was a  feeling of liberation in the air. In the matter of  one afternoon, people  who have been bearing such  heavy  burdens were able to lay it all down  and be  free! 
 Guided by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Cue conducted a powerful  Libation  prayer that afternoon, and stood together with  Clergy, Community  Activists, Press and others to declare of  a State of Emergency in Skid  Row. You can read the full article on our blog.

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