Civic Engagement- Prop 47

Prop47 The Row Church rejoices that our efforts helped to pass Prop 47. Prop 47 reduces minor  offenses such as drug possession or petty theft formerly classified as felonies to misdemeanors.  The impact Prop 47 is making in human lives is significant and rippling through many households within our community. Mass incarceration has become a lucrative business at a staggering cost of $235,000 per year to house just one youth. This money could be used to provide rehabilitation for many who turn to drugs to escape the nightmares life  has  cast upon them or food, jobs, or housing for those who are forced to steal to survive. 

Prop 47  removes the Scarlet Letter from those who needed compassion and gives them a renewed outlook on life and their futures.  Prop 47 is HOPE – and that is what  The Row  Church promotes every day.  Jesus forgives and gives us a hope and future and most often it is  undeserved. But that is who He is and Who we want to represent and that is why we fought for Prop 47!

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