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The Row 10- A Day of Love and Hope!

                               The Row 10 Year Anniversary was a  power-filled day! Arriving at the corner of  5th and San Pedro, I found our church  family setting up for the day’s events. As  I looked a  around, I noticed something  right  away...  many of the people who  live in Skid Row, whose faces are often  riddled with sadness and despair, were  smiling! On August 13, 2016 on a hot  and sunny summer afternoon-hope was  tangible in Skid Row.     Continue reading

"Skid row street-corner minister calls for homeless state of emergency declaration" ~LA TIMES

State of Emergency Declared in Skid Row They came on foot, bicycle and wheelchair, drawn to the trio of singers improvising a classic call-and-response gospel chant as dusk fell in the evening quiet of a skid row street corner. For 10 years, the Rev. Stephen Cue Jn-Marie, armed with a Bible, microphone, amplifier and folding chairs, has presided over this Friday night open-air service for homeless people, downtown welfare hotel residents and supporters from as far away as Orange County who join his “church without walls,” The Row.    Continue reading

Voice of the People-Robert's Story

 I was raised as a Baptist with a family of Pastors in the Church,  and found my way to The Row, The Church Without Walls in 2012, at the  invitation of a Church member. My initial focus was on the food  provided after the service, but then last year, the Word started to  come to life and I saw the spiritual war around me which included  sadness and depression on Skid Row. I witnessed the battle first hand  along with the positive changes that have occurred from the presence  of the Row Church on the corners of Winston and Wall Street. When I  first attended, I was a drunk and smoked cigarettes heavily.       Continue reading

Fight for $15

 The Row Church has been on the front-lines  fighting  for a  minimum wage of $15 per hour in  Los Angeles  for the last year  and a half and  was  instrumental in  helping to ensure its  passage  into Law.  We continued the Fight for  15 at both  the state and  federal levels. The fight for $15 is more than just a fight for wages.   Continue reading

Voice of the People-Melanie

 I came to my first Bible Study for the Row Church in late January 2014.  My reason for coming  was  to check out the pastor to see if he was the man of God I heard he was.  I was  impressed  with  his   understanding and realness.  There are so many ministers that like to make  themselves  seem  untouchable and holy.  Like they have never made a mistake and that when you  meet them it  is a  privilege to talk to them. Pastor Cue was different.  He is able to handle being  corrected when it is  proven he is mistaken.  He doesn’t take offense at it and instead encourages us  to study the Word  ourselves.  As I started coming to The Row, I really enjoyed the whole experience.  When it came to  the sermons, I found Pastor Cue to be animated and dramatic at times, but it did  not take away from  the Word and instead enhanced it.       Continue reading

Civic Engagement- Prop 47

 The Row Church rejoices that our efforts helped to pass Prop 47. Prop 47 reduces minor  offenses such as drug possession or petty theft formerly classified as felonies to misdemeanors.  The impact Prop 47 is making in human lives is significant and rippling through many households within our community. Mass incarceration has become a lucrative business at a staggering cost of $235,000 per year to house just one youth. This money could be used to provide rehabilitation for many who turn to drugs to escape the nightmares life  has  cast upon them or food, jobs, or housing for those who are forced to steal to survive.  Continue reading

New & Improved Website

THE ROW CHURCH Website Hope You are inspired by the Experience! While developing and maintaining a website is never a job one can really finish, we are excited to share our mostly functional site with all of our friends, family, supporters, and anyone who may have just accidentally stumbled onto our site.  WELCOME! There are several new features to our site so come on in!   Continue reading

Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study! Wednesday Night Bible Study is on Hiatus and will return soon, stay tuned, thank you for your patience! Continue reading